Sunday, 29 November 2009


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This is one of my favourite pages from my Decemer Daily album It's a fantastic project that Ali Edwards teaches.My Favourite page

A new look

So my blog has a new look this morning! I took a look at my very good friend Carole Bryson's blog yesterday and mentioned to her on facebook how much I loved it. She told me that their are a whole lot of free templates on t'internet! Who knew? Well everyone aparently lol. So it looks like i've found something else to while away the hours lol - blogging.

Yesterday morning my lovely craft room was actually quite tidy - tidy enough in fact to close the door! Unheard of since we moved here in April. Last night however, (there's always a but or however lol) I got the urge to make a December Daily album - a la Miss Ali Edward - I had such fun! There is now xmas stash everywhere! It's not finished yet - i'm up to day 8 but its so easy to do it will be finished later and I'll upload it to flickr. It has taken on a very vintage feel - scrummy if I do say so myself!

The problem with the craft room being in the state that it is now is that I have to do homework in there with Shelby today and their isnt much space hahahaha!

Hmmm what else today? Oh yes - (btw I am typing this how I think - which is quite scary lol!) more salt dough baking in the oven - this is for the Junior Schools christmas fayre which is great fun - all the children are allowed to bring in upto £5 and they buy little bits and bobs and pressies for siblings and parents. Last year I wasnt involved with the PTA and I got a really cute mug with the makings of a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows! I was over joyed lol - it's the little things!

Best I end this post before it rambles on way too much - toodles.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

I wonder what musings of a random mind should be about? I guess the title would suggest that my blog posts will be completely random lol. (I LOL alot by the way!!)

It could be something funny that happened or was said to me, it could be my current rant (I RANT a lot too lol) and im sure its going to contain a lot of crafty stuff. Stuff I make, stuff I find, stuff i want to do. Mostly I guess its going to be a lot of old ramblings lol!