Sunday, 29 November 2009

A new look

So my blog has a new look this morning! I took a look at my very good friend Carole Bryson's blog yesterday and mentioned to her on facebook how much I loved it. She told me that their are a whole lot of free templates on t'internet! Who knew? Well everyone aparently lol. So it looks like i've found something else to while away the hours lol - blogging.

Yesterday morning my lovely craft room was actually quite tidy - tidy enough in fact to close the door! Unheard of since we moved here in April. Last night however, (there's always a but or however lol) I got the urge to make a December Daily album - a la Miss Ali Edward - I had such fun! There is now xmas stash everywhere! It's not finished yet - i'm up to day 8 but its so easy to do it will be finished later and I'll upload it to flickr. It has taken on a very vintage feel - scrummy if I do say so myself!

The problem with the craft room being in the state that it is now is that I have to do homework in there with Shelby today and their isnt much space hahahaha!

Hmmm what else today? Oh yes - (btw I am typing this how I think - which is quite scary lol!) more salt dough baking in the oven - this is for the Junior Schools christmas fayre which is great fun - all the children are allowed to bring in upto £5 and they buy little bits and bobs and pressies for siblings and parents. Last year I wasnt involved with the PTA and I got a really cute mug with the makings of a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows! I was over joyed lol - it's the little things!

Best I end this post before it rambles on way too much - toodles.


  1. looking good there hunni xxx

  2. Lovely bloggaroonie hun I cannot wait to for the laughs. Big hugs xxx

  3. Ooooo it looks very pwitty and festive :D
    Julie xx

  4. Liking the new look Cherry have added you to my links.....No I have to update mine!!!! xx