Monday, 7 December 2009

what I wished I liked but dont...

is the prompt from the one minute writer blog prompt.

My immediate thought was the obvious one of diet and exercise rofl! But that's waaay too obvious and not very imaginative is it? However, it sparked so many memories for me!

Some of you may know that I used to be in the Army - incredible I know but 6 years of 99% good times had in all sort of exotic places such as Bicester, Lisburn NI, Catterick Garrison to name but a few. Oh of course I had postings to not so exotic places such as the most amazing two years in Hong Kong and a year in sunny Cyprus.

The memories that are being brought to the fore. Running BFT's (basic fitness test) a bi-annual fitness test that was 13.45 or less of running. Guaranteed to make even the most fearless of people have hypermotile bowels lol. One second over the time meant several weeks of remedial PT hell lol.

Other fun memories of fitness related idiocy Army style. Running log runs in Catterick. One of the wettest, coldest windiest hell holes on Gods own earth lol. PTI's loved to take us on log runs on a Friday afternoon, when everyone would be going home for the weekend. They would run us through woods, rivers, accross the moores, and of course it would be winter lol. My mother thought it hilarious! (NOT!) The uniform that would come home on a friday evening was RANK!! lol.

One final memory (their are many!) that I would like to share with you. I did my basic training at the old Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Guildford. They used to love taking us for a beasting (run) down the bridal paths. Very sandy, energy sapping hellishness would prevail hahaha. One particular occasion we were at a point where the PTI's obviously wanted a rest and so we stood in groups being sprinted back and forwards while they stood around barking orders! At this point my sense of humour wanted and airing and I cracked a funny joke about something - my mouth always got the better of me!! So I was then found to be doing press-ups for quite some time!

Oh happy times roflmao! (though I was a UK size 8 in those days lol)

Friday, 4 December 2009

The things we do for a night out....

I decided that having started this blog I could use some inspiration to actualy write something other than just posting various random thoughts I have - glittery pink trump clouds are just not going to cut the mustard lol! So I googled for some blog prompts and found The One Minute Writer

Todays prompt being - Write about a memory of playing in the snow. Well truthfully I cant remember playing in the snow as a kid. I know we had snow but I just dont have a memory of it lol. And to be honest we have only had an inch or two last winter which Shelby and I did play in.

What I can remember though is one particular winter when I was in my mid 20's. I lived in Swaffham then, with my parents actually. Anyway this particular day my friend Jo (whom I have lost touch with but wish I could trace) had rung me to say lets go for a night out! Never one to turn down a night on the town I promptly agreed. I was to go to Kings Lynn our favourite stomping ground.

In the afternoon, however, the weather tried to scupper my plans! It started snowing. Not light snow - a blizzard! But I wasnt going to let that stop me oh no!! I was on a mission - I had to have my night out! So in my car I got!! Well it was awfull - the snow was blowing horizontally - it was a white out - I crawled along in the car - I dont think I even had a blanket in the car. Goodness knows what would have happened if I had broken down!

I plodded forward in my car and took an hour and half to go a forty minute journey! Very stupid of me!! But - I had a great night out!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tim Holtz Tag

Oh wow! I have had so much fun making this today!
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Wednesday, 2 December 2009



Thought I would just quickly share with you my December Daily pages for the 1st and 2nd.
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I know i've already posted these pictures but dont you just love picassa! the collage feature is just fab!
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December 2nd and still feeling festive!

Just thought I would post a few pics of the first decorations I've put up.
This is a close up of the wreath on my front door - we dont go for outdoor decorations so much as they are so expensive - but I do love a gorgeous wreath!
My front door wreath
Front Door
We use our back door all the time - I think I have only been through the front about twice lol. So hanging over the back door which leads into the kitchen is this wonderful chap!
My back door rudolph!!
Isn't he great! Of course his bell gets dinged everytime shelby and I go through the door lol!

And finaly I finished my christmas house - Template by Michelle Jackson-Mogford the link can be found in my blog list!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Jingle Bells...

Yipppeee!! It's December 1st! I've been feeling very festive for quite a few days now - as most of my FB friends will know lol. Looking forward to completing me December Daily album inspired by Ali Edwards. Another massive inspiration today (and huge impact on my bank account!) was Sir Tim Holtz!! I just had to go shopping for the bits and pieces to try out this gorgeous techinique - though I did practice some self control by not buying the stamps - I have some beautiful christmas stamps that I have hardly (if ever) used and really couldnt justify the cost - I have a beautifull chipboard bauble to do todays technique on and I cant wait!

I must also finish the roof on my xmas bird house (which I have adapted to be an ordinary house. The template is by Michelle Jackson-Mogford and can be found here. I've loved making the house which will form part of a display on my kitchen windowsill when i finish it hahah! But she also has some amazing other templates that you should definately check out!

Random conversation of the week has to be about the pink clouds of glittery dust that occur when you trump. Well that was the random thought I had the other day and shared with my FB friends lol. Some of whom thought was quite funny - some of whom didnt fancy glitter in awkward places lol!

And an impromptu carole singing last night on FB also continued to keep me very festive lol.

Mr H will be home Friday - whoop whoop!

Sunday, 29 November 2009


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This is one of my favourite pages from my Decemer Daily album It's a fantastic project that Ali Edwards teaches.My Favourite page

A new look

So my blog has a new look this morning! I took a look at my very good friend Carole Bryson's blog yesterday and mentioned to her on facebook how much I loved it. She told me that their are a whole lot of free templates on t'internet! Who knew? Well everyone aparently lol. So it looks like i've found something else to while away the hours lol - blogging.

Yesterday morning my lovely craft room was actually quite tidy - tidy enough in fact to close the door! Unheard of since we moved here in April. Last night however, (there's always a but or however lol) I got the urge to make a December Daily album - a la Miss Ali Edward - I had such fun! There is now xmas stash everywhere! It's not finished yet - i'm up to day 8 but its so easy to do it will be finished later and I'll upload it to flickr. It has taken on a very vintage feel - scrummy if I do say so myself!

The problem with the craft room being in the state that it is now is that I have to do homework in there with Shelby today and their isnt much space hahahaha!

Hmmm what else today? Oh yes - (btw I am typing this how I think - which is quite scary lol!) more salt dough baking in the oven - this is for the Junior Schools christmas fayre which is great fun - all the children are allowed to bring in upto £5 and they buy little bits and bobs and pressies for siblings and parents. Last year I wasnt involved with the PTA and I got a really cute mug with the makings of a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows! I was over joyed lol - it's the little things!

Best I end this post before it rambles on way too much - toodles.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

I wonder what musings of a random mind should be about? I guess the title would suggest that my blog posts will be completely random lol. (I LOL alot by the way!!)

It could be something funny that happened or was said to me, it could be my current rant (I RANT a lot too lol) and im sure its going to contain a lot of crafty stuff. Stuff I make, stuff I find, stuff i want to do. Mostly I guess its going to be a lot of old ramblings lol!