Wednesday, 2 December 2009

December 2nd and still feeling festive!

Just thought I would post a few pics of the first decorations I've put up.
This is a close up of the wreath on my front door - we dont go for outdoor decorations so much as they are so expensive - but I do love a gorgeous wreath!
My front door wreath
Front Door
We use our back door all the time - I think I have only been through the front about twice lol. So hanging over the back door which leads into the kitchen is this wonderful chap!
My back door rudolph!!
Isn't he great! Of course his bell gets dinged everytime shelby and I go through the door lol!

And finaly I finished my christmas house - Template by Michelle Jackson-Mogford the link can be found in my blog list!


  1. They look lovely. I love a nice wreath but my front door is straight onto the pavement so it has to go on the inside.

  2. wow your looking very festive Cherry...I love that Christmas house and who couldn't fall in love with the Reindeer at your back door. He is very artsy crafts too....