Monday, 7 December 2009

what I wished I liked but dont...

is the prompt from the one minute writer blog prompt.

My immediate thought was the obvious one of diet and exercise rofl! But that's waaay too obvious and not very imaginative is it? However, it sparked so many memories for me!

Some of you may know that I used to be in the Army - incredible I know but 6 years of 99% good times had in all sort of exotic places such as Bicester, Lisburn NI, Catterick Garrison to name but a few. Oh of course I had postings to not so exotic places such as the most amazing two years in Hong Kong and a year in sunny Cyprus.

The memories that are being brought to the fore. Running BFT's (basic fitness test) a bi-annual fitness test that was 13.45 or less of running. Guaranteed to make even the most fearless of people have hypermotile bowels lol. One second over the time meant several weeks of remedial PT hell lol.

Other fun memories of fitness related idiocy Army style. Running log runs in Catterick. One of the wettest, coldest windiest hell holes on Gods own earth lol. PTI's loved to take us on log runs on a Friday afternoon, when everyone would be going home for the weekend. They would run us through woods, rivers, accross the moores, and of course it would be winter lol. My mother thought it hilarious! (NOT!) The uniform that would come home on a friday evening was RANK!! lol.

One final memory (their are many!) that I would like to share with you. I did my basic training at the old Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Guildford. They used to love taking us for a beasting (run) down the bridal paths. Very sandy, energy sapping hellishness would prevail hahaha. One particular occasion we were at a point where the PTI's obviously wanted a rest and so we stood in groups being sprinted back and forwards while they stood around barking orders! At this point my sense of humour wanted and airing and I cracked a funny joke about something - my mouth always got the better of me!! So I was then found to be doing press-ups for quite some time!

Oh happy times roflmao! (though I was a UK size 8 in those days lol)

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  1. Great post Cherry, yes I did know that you had been in the army but it's lovely to hear you speak of some of your army memories here!
    This is the 1st I have known of the ''one minute writer' blog. I am off to check it out now....