Friday, 4 December 2009

The things we do for a night out....

I decided that having started this blog I could use some inspiration to actualy write something other than just posting various random thoughts I have - glittery pink trump clouds are just not going to cut the mustard lol! So I googled for some blog prompts and found The One Minute Writer

Todays prompt being - Write about a memory of playing in the snow. Well truthfully I cant remember playing in the snow as a kid. I know we had snow but I just dont have a memory of it lol. And to be honest we have only had an inch or two last winter which Shelby and I did play in.

What I can remember though is one particular winter when I was in my mid 20's. I lived in Swaffham then, with my parents actually. Anyway this particular day my friend Jo (whom I have lost touch with but wish I could trace) had rung me to say lets go for a night out! Never one to turn down a night on the town I promptly agreed. I was to go to Kings Lynn our favourite stomping ground.

In the afternoon, however, the weather tried to scupper my plans! It started snowing. Not light snow - a blizzard! But I wasnt going to let that stop me oh no!! I was on a mission - I had to have my night out! So in my car I got!! Well it was awfull - the snow was blowing horizontally - it was a white out - I crawled along in the car - I dont think I even had a blanket in the car. Goodness knows what would have happened if I had broken down!

I plodded forward in my car and took an hour and half to go a forty minute journey! Very stupid of me!! But - I had a great night out!!


  1. hey girl, your just dandy.
    It's our first snow here in NYC.
    keep writing. Love the color scheme.

  2. I love your ATC inspired by Tim Holtz!!! And yay for you doing the one minute prompts!!! Just stopping by to thank you for giving us some blog love at Bad Girls Project 52!!!