Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Jingle Bells...

Yipppeee!! It's December 1st! I've been feeling very festive for quite a few days now - as most of my FB friends will know lol. Looking forward to completing me December Daily album inspired by Ali Edwards. Another massive inspiration today (and huge impact on my bank account!) was Sir Tim Holtz!! I just had to go shopping for the bits and pieces to try out this gorgeous techinique - though I did practice some self control by not buying the stamps - I have some beautiful christmas stamps that I have hardly (if ever) used and really couldnt justify the cost - I have a beautifull chipboard bauble to do todays technique on and I cant wait!

I must also finish the roof on my xmas bird house (which I have adapted to be an ordinary house. The template is by Michelle Jackson-Mogford and can be found here. I've loved making the house which will form part of a display on my kitchen windowsill when i finish it hahah! But she also has some amazing other templates that you should definately check out!

Random conversation of the week has to be about the pink clouds of glittery dust that occur when you trump. Well that was the random thought I had the other day and shared with my FB friends lol. Some of whom thought was quite funny - some of whom didnt fancy glitter in awkward places lol!

And an impromptu carole singing last night on FB also continued to keep me very festive lol.

Mr H will be home Friday - whoop whoop!


  1. I ditto what Ellen posted...
    deb in hawai'i...