Thursday, 24 November 2011

crochet queen?

So words cannot describe how excited I was to discover that a new craft workshop had opened in Saffron Walden!  Sadly not doing papercrafts BUT the shop is full of beautiful vintage and modern fabrics, tables with lots of do dads, fun kits to gift or keep and beautiful locally sourced yarns.  The lady that runs it Jane - used to be a buyer for liberty and so you can imagine she has amazing good taste!  I immediately signed up for beginners crochet course - ive always wanted to learn and I seized my chance!
Week one had me starting and restarting the foundation row and tutting away at myself lol - but by the end of the 2 hour class I had produced this cute bracelet.  Though I wouldn't necessarily wear it myself Shelby LOVED it and I had to make another that evening - the lovely thing about this project was it was quick to make about 3 hrs in all.  Craft Days dont have a website yet but when they do I'll be sure to blog it - its just a fab place.

Week 2 had me eager with anticipation at what was in store for me at my next class.  Imagine my excitement when I was shown a pair of really really cute Nana Slippers!!  This is what I started with....

And this is what I produced...

I wonder what awaits me next week.....


  1. They look great Cherry! You will be addicted in no time :)

  2. Cherry they're fab! I have tried to crochet and I just can't do it! Thanks for testing my link :D