Friday, 9 December 2011

Operation "Challenge 2012"

I love a good challenge - though I rarely complete them lol!  I am full of good intentions though!  For 2012 i've chosen two great challenges.
365 + 1 is the first of my chosen challenges.  The lovely suzie has come up with a doozie!  Have a look at her 365 post and see if it inspires you.  I happen to think that it is a great challenge.  I have a lovely dSLR camera but only take it out on high days and holidays!  Of course I always have my iPhone with me and am looking forward to getting some great shots.  I may even invest in an air printer so I actually print some of my efforts.

The second challenge is on a blog that i've been reading for about 6 months.  Creative Every Day is a wonderful source of inspiration - especially if you like to art journal.  I have dabbled with art journalling and love the results.  However, I dont have much of an original brain and love to get inspiration from prompts or reading blog posts.  If you are an art journalist or even if you want to give it a try - check out Creative Every Day

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