Friday, 6 January 2012


I was a bit bummed when I read today's prompt.  I had just got in from the school run and had spent 10 mins defrosting the car - all signs of frost had disappeared.  I left the prompt until just a minute ago when I though sod it - I'll take a pic of the back of the fridge - that ALWAYS has frost on it!  What I took was a very innocuous plastic boring picture.  Next came the fun part - playing with the photo in BeFunkyPro.  I had asked Suzie which app she thought was best and this was one of her recommendations - I just LOVE it.  To get this sort of effect from the very boring photo I took is fabulous!  I'm taking all my photos with my iPhone4S.  I have a wonderful dSLR but the iPhone is so portable.  Thanks Suzie for the app recommendations - I just love them!

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  1. You are welcome Cherry! It is amazing how they change a mediocre photo in something lovely!