Monday, 9 January 2012


I didn't take a Monday shot of the garden - since I haven't actually done anything with it lol!  However I really wanted to use my dSLR as I'm reading a few on-line tutorials to get me off auto and onto manual!  I was reading about ISO speeds and learnt that the lower the light the higher the speed needed.  I took this photo of the outside water tap, which is in a corner of the garden that desperately needs tidying!  I love the textures of the wall with the hose adaptor. I was pleased with the original photo, which was in colour, and it was grainy as I had expected using 1600 ISO (I learnt that last night lol).  I edited the photo in PICNIK and am pleased with the final result.

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  1. Fantastic Cherry! The texture of the bricks is amazing! Keep reading up - it's obviously working :) x