Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Metal + A whole bunch of stuff.

My metal shot with my iphone - again edited in BeFunkyPro - loving the old photo plus grunge frame.

I couldn't stop there with the metal shots though! - this is of part of the garden gate.  Taken with my dSLR - then edited the shadows and highlights after changing it to black and white.
Here is one of the whole gate in colour - again taken with my dSLR and messed about with the shadows and highlights.
Now here is my Monday shot of the garden (I know it's Tuesday!) - Yesterday I had decided not to bother taking a regular photo - today I changed my mind lol.
And the last one! - yesterday for water shot I took a pic of the tap - although I like what I did part of the tap was missing and I wasn't entirely happy with it - so I took it again with my dSLR - I like this one more - I like the bricks slightly out of focus with the tap really sharp.  Suzie - you seem to be making a photographer out of me!


  1. Great pictures. I love the black and white ones.

  2. They are all fab Cherry! I will take full credit :D lol x