Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Todays 365+1 prompt was UGLY - well the first photo speaks for itself doesn't it?  Never empty and always in the way!

I couldn't resist two photos today - this is a picture of my shame -beautiful things (my lovely dining room table, and my gorgeous stash) making an UGLY mess!


  1. Oh I have both these uglies in my house! :)

  2. Hi Cherry :) re your comment on today's photo .. .I use a billion different apps! If you click on the 'apps galore' tab up top (on the challenge blog) you'll see a list of my favourites. I use Camera+ to take my photo, then usually edit using the 'clarity' button or another if I don't like the look of that, and crop it square (loving the square photo at the moment). Then for this photo I used Pixlromatic -Salomon effect and Grunge frame :) I'll leave this comment on your blog too.