Wednesday, 18 January 2012


You might think that a picture of the bathroom sink is a bit random for a photo prompt entitled pleasurable. However, this is a blog titled "musings of a RANDOM mind! lol.  If you look closely enough you will see 3 toothbrushes in the holder.  This gives me enormous amount of pleasure because this means that hubby is home on leave.  He works away 3 months at a time and just two toothbrushes look very lonely when he is not here!

The next photo is my weekly garden shot.  Hmmm nothing much happening there!  It's gloomy and miserable that I have NO incentive for getting out there and doing something.


  1. Awww, what a lovely way of thinking for your 'pleasure' photo.

  2. ahhh that is lovely Cherry! Hope you're having fun ;) x

  3. 3 months at at time...that's a long long does he get at home then? Mine works away well over 200 days a year but very haphazardly:0(...x